Calling in the old ways of caring for ourselves and each other.  

As a holistic practitioner, I consider the context and spirit of the human being in everything that I offer. With a compassionate heart, I am informed by multiple modalities and techniques that aim to support all facets of wellbeing: physical, spiritual, mental, emotional.  I believe that even in choosing one path, we are helping the whole. Together we will look at where you'd like to focus your energy, and how'd you like to move forward, whether with minimal or consistent guidance. I ask questions to gather an understanding of your individual constitution and tissue state to best align your herbal and nutritional protocol. I invite your awareness with perceptive techniques such as pulse, tongue, and facial reading, some or all of which may be utilized to further attune to your body's messages. 

I work with herbs, food, general counsel, body and energy work modalities for their gentle and synergistic effects. These routes of care can be slower, but are more sustainable, harmonious, and impactful to the body and spirit over time. 

how i work


ground work

If you'd like to discuss sliding scale rates to participate in my pay what you can practice, we can do so in our introductory call. I offer a no charge 20 minute consultation where you are welcome and encouraged to review my background and ask questions to assess if my work is a good fit to meet your needs. Accessibility and a clear understanding of your chosen path is of great importance to me. Format for meetings is currently through phone or video call.

Rates for sessions:

30 minutes-$40

60 minutes-$70

90 minutes-$100

120 minutes-$130

Please use my contact form to connect to make an appointment. Upon booking, I will email an invoice for services with further details. Please offer 24 hours notice for cancellations. 

An initial visit to explore your personal timeline, medical history, ancestral health, and spiritual/emotional relationship is my bread & butter offering.

This session offers a whole body, whole health assessment, honing in on customized herbal as well as nutritional supportWe discuss plant allies that connect patterns observed between physiological and energetic body systems.

Examples of cases I have worked with have expanded from support with embodiment, auto immune disorders, inflammation, hormonal balance, menstrual cycle difficulties, skin issues, nervous system health, digestive wellness, disruptive emotional patterning, and food relationship.


I welcome email communication as needed once you are established as a client through this visit. 

One or two follow ups are recommended over 3 months time, as this is an appropriate timeline to gauge the effectiveness of our protocol. 

First session includes formulas (tea/tincture/flower essence) with report. 

2 hours

quick take

If you are looking for a singular visit for education or to partner with me to create a custom formula to support your addressing an imbalance, a full health history will not be taken, rather a quick intake form will be requested to be completed to ensure safety and informed consent. 


Examples of such sessions would be for acute health issues (such as seasonal allergy or cold season support), or if you want to aid a specific body/energy system (i.e. remedies for grief work/heart center, nutritive tonics, healthy elimination/digestion).

Ground work sessions are recommended for chronic health issues.

30 to 60 minutes

spirit work

My perspective on energy work recognizes the subtle body where we can sense movement, reception + expression within the immaterial/unseen realms as well as within the physiological undercurrent of the flow of our blood and lymph.

I currently only offer in person sessions for energy work (please write to me to arrange). This practice is nourishing to the nervous system and facilitates a still point from which clear insight and intuition can be gathered, for both recipient and giver. Findings on both ends are discussed post session. 

Working with soul speak, heart's desire, and intuition is an inherent part of the space I hold with others. My spirit lens is how I integrate the body and mind and how I best work with deriving root cause of emotional or physical imbalances. 

30 to 90 minutes

I also offer formulation of flower essence/energetic herbals, to invite curiosity towards emotional state and offer guidance for how to shift or change patterns. These sessions can be remote or in person. Naming our visions and nourishing our desires in this way helps us to reflect on and define our present moment, which enhances our sense of wellbeing and connection to self.   

These  remedies are made to be topical (aromatic oil or spray) or internal (drops to be taken by mouth) preparation, and made alcohol free if desired.

This is not a clinical consult. Formula is made & shipped at additional cost. 

30 minutes