how you can work with me 


I work with herbs, food, general counsel, body and energy work modalities for their gentle and synergistic effects. These pathways encourage listening to the body and uncovering root cause of imbalance over suppressing or quick-fixing symptoms. Working in respect to the interconnection of mind, body and spirit can offer us immediate shifts but is generally slower, sustainable, and more harmonious to the system over time. 

The primary intention of my sessions is empowerment. I love to offer insights, perspective, tools and resources that allow your inner knowing and wisdom to surface. I hope to inspire others to engage with their own healing in ways that feel affirmative, nourishing and practically implementable into their daily lives.

This approach to care is intuitive and collaborative. Compassion and reverence for the responsibility it is to care for others is at the forefront of my practice. I engage with education and mentorship that holds me accountable to create an inclusive space of integrity. If a case is outside of my scope of practice, I am equipped to make appropriate referrals.

More information on each of the offerings below, and scheduling for a no charge discovery call can be found on my booking page.

All services are currently offered online via zoom only unless otherwise arranged. 


Payment for sessions is processed through credit/debit, or PayPal at the time of your appointment booking. If you are in need of other arrangements, such as a payment plan, let's discuss! I also offer three spots for low cost (sliding scale) consultation work a month. I am also open to exploring barter and trade as my practice allows. Please contact me if this interests you.

If you'd like to purchase a session as a gift, please email me at

Note that I ask for 24 hours notice of any appointment changes per my cancellation policy, there are no refunds for purchased sessions otherwise. 


If you need a time outside of what you see as my available hours, also feel free to drop me a note. 

ground work 

2 hour initial visit; $180

Includes written report & email contact as needed, as well as 1 herbal formula + shipping.

Any additional blends (as desired/discussed) are at additional cost.

An intake form will be emailed to you after booking confirmation. Please select a day + time that allows you time to receive and complete. 

Exploring your story, laying the foundation, finding the best herbs for you. A holistic overview of your past and present, uplifting and illuminating your strengths and noticing what areas in life and the body are in need of support. We can address acute or chronic health concerns. We'll discuss nutrition and approach to food, and learn what herbs and plant allies match the both the organ systems and energetic/emotional centers that we find are speaking to you. I am a proponent of simplicity and facilitating the trusting and inhabiting of our senses. Formulas may include a tincture blend, infusion, or flower essences. 

Established clients through this exchange are always welcome to reach out for future custom herbal formulations.

the healing well

3 month journey; $270

includes groundwork offerings and two follow up visits 

this commitment receives a 10% discount


Established sessions, and a rhythm of conversation over three months creates a path for accountability and consistency. At each of these intervals, we will discuss your findings and challenges, dive deeper into areas that need greater support, and determine any additions or adjustments to your nutritional plan and herbal formula. This path is intended to allow me to serve as your guide and mentor for creating ease and comfort in imbuing your lifestyle with an herbal practice. 



1 hour follow up or stand alone session; $75

Custom formulas at additional cost. 

Clients may choose this option as a follow up to a groundwork session to assess the effectiveness and resonance of their initial protocol. This time can also serve for anyone desiring check in around nutrition, or support through change; such as seasonal transitions, stressful events, illness, or other energetic/emotional needs. Please note, these sessions do not entail a full intake like that of a groundwork visit, if you are not already an established client. You will be asked to complete a short intake form to ensure informed consent. 

spirit work 

1 hour session; $100

customized remedy + shipping included 

Arrive to these sessions with an intention or vision you'd like to nourish. Working with a system of flower essences and vibrational doses of plants, I will collaborate with you to create a present moment potion to serve the energies and patterns you're looking to cultivate or release. A synergy of merging our mutual intuitive findings, divining, and thoughtful, heart centered inquiry. 


I offer seasonal herb walks and workshops. Topics range from nutrition, culinary arts, and all the methods of herbal medicine making and other healing arts forms in practice.

Please contact me for more information on scheduling either a private or group educational experience, and stay tuned to my newsletter, instagram, and shop page for updates on in person or online offerings.