how you can work with me 


I work with herbs, food, general counsel, body and energy work modalities for their gentle and synergistic effects. These pathways encourage uncovering root cause of imbalance over suppressing or quick-fixing symptoms. Working in respect to the interconnection of mind, body and spirit will often offer immediate shifts but is generally slower, sustainable, and more harmonious to the whole person over time. 

I love to offer perspective and resources that allow your inner knowing and wisdom to surface. I hope to inspire others to engage with their own healing in ways that feel affirmative, nourishing and practically implementable into their daily lives. I love to share that this relationship with health, our body and the earth, is a practice that is cultivated daily.

This approach to care is intuitive and collaborative. Compassion and reverence for the responsibility it is to care for others is at the forefront of my practice. I engage with education and mentorship that holds me accountable to create an inclusive space of integrity. If a case is outside of my scope of practice, I am equipped to make appropriate referrals.

More information on each of the offerings below, and scheduling for a no charge discovery call can be found on my booking page.

All services are currently offered online via zoom only unless otherwise arranged. 


Payment for sessions is processed through credit/debit, or PayPal at the time of your appointment booking. If you are in need of other arrangements, such as a payment plan, let's discuss! 

Session costs are offered in sliding scale amounts. If you are in a position to, please select the full price. If you cannot afford the lowest price tier, please contact me. 


This is a dynamic offering, intended to make services accessible to all. Appreciating that our financial context responds and fluctuates, like all that is alive in our world-at any point in our exchanges you are welcome to utilize this structure. 

Note that I ask for 24 hours notice of any appointment changes per my cancellation policy, there are no refunds for purchased sessions otherwise. 

Scheduling is arranged by email or phone once confirmation of your booking purchase is received. I am typically M-F, though weekend and evening availability may be offered as needed.

knowledge share

I offer herb walks and workshops. On walks, I discuss medicinal & culinary uses of plants, sustainable foraging practices, botany & plant identification. Class topics range from nutrition, culinary arts,  methods of herbal medicine making and other healing art forms in practice.

4 times a year, I offer herbal remedy & skill shares.

With a small group we travel through winter, spring,  summer, and autumn, and with associated plant potions and a live workshop discussing the body systems & elements associated with those makings, as well as practices & rituals to identify & integrate the transformations of the body occurring within that season at home.

On the last Sunday of every month, I facilitate a circle to talk shop on all things seasonal living, herbalism, and holistic health Q+A. Within the weeks prior, I collect questions from you on how to support the body with herbs & nutrition. This is an exploration in a community care model, in believing that our learning is expanded and nourished when shared (and those attending may have wisdom to share from experiences of their own, may currently be journeying with the same curiosity, or might find what they learn in circle helpful for themselves of their own community in the future!)

Please contact me for more information on scheduling either a private or group educational experience, and stay tuned to my newsletter, Instagram, and shop page for updates on in person or online offerings. 


I love the depth of exploration offered within individual sessions, exchanging with others who are seeking a guide to support them in learning time honored ways of living and feeling well through herbs and food.

The backbone of this process is in facilitating awareness of any patterns that may be in the way of the relationship you desire to have with yourself, and how you engage and integrate with the energies around you. Embracing this responsibility and learning how to listen to your body & tend to it's messages is a skill you'll have for the rest of your life. I provide you with the tools (whether education via food, herbs, or emotional mapping) that help you arrive to a place where you are honoring your spirit, showing up for your soul work, and living in a way that feels authentic and full for you.

You may select to work with me on a 1:1 for: 

-individual herbal consultation

-food relationship, nutrition, and culinary education

-spirit support through essence work & intuitive guidance

An initial visit for a comprehensive holistic health overview is typically 2 hours. Outside of this, you are welcome to schedule with me by the hour for consultation on any of the above. Clients may choose to work with me once a week, to once a month, or for a yearly check in. All is welcome. 

You can read more about my session work here.