about me

I am trained as a community herbalist and energy worker. I am infinitely curious about the innate healing capacity and resilience of the body and spirit. It is my devotional craft to be of service, and to collaborate with others who seek a dynamic appreciation and exploration of their human experience. I love to write and embrace the world with a poetic heart. I often write with metaphor to relate the ways of the body to that of earth, to see ourselves as reflective of and always in communication with the environment. Just as I love the alchemy of processing and transforming emotion, I am enamored with the catalytic fire found in the kitchen when I am cooking or making herbal medicine. I study a wide expanse of topics and with an eclectic circle of teachers. I enjoy learning about symbolism & myth, depth psychology, functional nutrition, astrology, somatics & epigenetic theory.

I understand the body as rhythmic, and that our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs shift and awaken along with the seasons. This practice of noticing what arises on the wheel of constant earthly change is how I attune myself to my environment and shape my practices. Remembering our bodies as cyclical, just like all that is found in nature, is my center. Working with the nourishment of plants and animals, wild foods and herbs,  nurtures and expands our physiologic and spiritual potential, synergizing with us in ways that extend beyond biochemical compound names. This way of living close to the earth reminds me of the power of beauty, and the belonging that is found when we come back into relationship with the land.