Experiential learning has been a good friend. 

My direct time spent learning earth based skills, attuning to nature, and listening to the wisdom of my mentors and community has shaped me the most.

Like so many others, the wounds that informed my own healing journey have also uncovered and facilitated my gifts and practices.

I am devoted to live in a way that respects all that has come before me, and all that will come after me.  The value held in honoring lifeways recognizing interdependence, personal responsibility, and reciprocal relationship have offered so much guidance and insight. I have benefited greatly from work environments and education that upheld nonhierarchical structures. 



In my work, I bring awareness of the many layers that may inform where you are within your soul  and body-the inherited, individual, collective and cultural history and wisdom we carry. This information, be it of benefit or challenge, and all that cascades from the paradigm of social inequity, unjust systems, and environmental changes in which we currently live-undoubtedly impacts our emotional and physiological state. No one and no thing exists in isolation.

It is my hope to offer you a space for cultivating calm and clarity, while exploring resources for maintaining inner peace, grace and ground within an ever evolving world. 

So far, the path has been as follows:


2009 - 2013

BA Psychology, Minor English Literature from the University of Connecticut,  CT

2014 - 2015

The Institute of Sustainable Health and Nutrition, CT

2018 - 2019

Herbal study + apprenticeship with Mary Blue at Farmacy Herbs, RI


2018 - 2019

Rhythmic Movement Level I + II with Sonia Story, CT

Reiki level I with Asa Angel, Reiki level II with Myra Partyka of the Usui/Holy Fire tradition, RI

Deeper Medicinal Herbalism with Susan Clements of Earth & Ocean Herbals, RI

2020 - 2021

Anatomy, Swedish massage/techniques with Bancroft School of Massage, MA


Wildcrafting from the Indigenous Perspective, Practitioner Skills, Balancing the Pelvic Systems with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes of Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine, CA

Becoming Trauma Wise, Luis Mojica SEP, NY

Community Herbalist Training with Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions, ME