my story

I am of German, Irish, and English descent, currently working and living on Nipmuc land.


Emma is Germanic for whole or universal, and Broadhurst is derived from the old English words 'brad' and 'hyrst', meaning, broad/wide forest or wooded hill. Indeed it is in deep, pine laden woods I feel most at home and whole. 


My devotion was first and foremost, to food. I feel most tapped in when I'm cooking and I deeply resonate with the practicality and preventative care offered by the art and nurturance of kitchen medicine. My methods have an emphasis on nutrient density, traditional preparations, and are waste averse (nothing inspires my creativity more than to make do with what I have). Like cooking, medicine making is an inherent part of my life as I move with and listen to what rises from the seasons and the mirrored needs of the body. All of these lifeways are motivated by beauty and an appreciation for the value of our senses connecting our spirit to the external world.

As a forever student, I gravitate towards texts and teachers that speak to symbolism, myth, depth psychology, ecology, philosophy, astrology, somatic theory, epigenetics, clinical and traditional/folk herbal perspective. I love learning new ways of being in my body and attuning to perceptions derived from a variety of sensory experiences; this has taken me to practices ranging from martial arts to weight lifting.


I consider myself a bridge for those looking to connect more deeply to themselves and the natural world. I am grounded in the knowing that our return to living intimately and in reciprocity to the regenerative, cyclical ways as shown to us by earth will facilitate the restoration of our individual and collective wellbeing.