2 hour session through zoom

food & herbal foundations

1:! follow ups scheduled personally as needed


I will follow up by email to arrange scheduling once your booking purchase confirmation is recieved. An intake form will be emailed to you after booking confirmation. Please consider a day + time that allows you energy to receive and complete.



-holistic health assessment; nutritional/herbal protocol

-written report, email contact as needed

-2 herbal formulas with shipping


This session is an amalgam of my nutritional, herbal, and spirit based offerings. This consultation journey offers space for a creative & holistic appreciation of your story. You may arrive with an acute or chronic health concern, or a general interest in learning how we can invite herbs and foods to intentionally support our vitality and innate healing capacity. Gathering an understanding of what is needed to strengthen your foundation and learning how these allies support that process.


If you're curious to explore how your emotional & physiological experience is related to nutrition and your food relationship, this is a great session for you. Food is information to the functionality of our cells, and I appreciate that on both a chemical and spiritual level. Nutrition can be fine tuned to support our biochemical individuality. I offer insights on what foods fit your individual constitution, and how nutritonal shifts and implemenations can be of support if you're experiencing any areas of imbalance.


We observe any social, emotional, or physical experiences of the past that are pertinent to your current experience. I ask questions to weave together the present imprint of your individual constitution to best align your protocol. I invite your awareness with perceptive techniques such as pulse, tongue, and facial reading, some or all of which may be utilized to further attune to your body's messages. We'll discuss nutrition and approach to food, and learn what herbs match the both the organ systems and energetic/emotional centers that we find are speaking to you.


Returning to simple, seasonal ways of eating and preparing food brings us into alignment with our natural state of health and vitality by coming into harmony with the rhythm and cycles of the earth. These consultations are focused on nutritional assessment, with emphasis on tuning into  the present season and how to best tend with food and kitchen practices that match the associated need of our emotional state as well as body system in focus for that time (i.e. focusing on liver and digestion come spring, supporting the lymph to clear and revitalize emotions).


Believing in and loving the kitchen as the heart of the home and source of our original healthcare, we can explore kitchen medicine methods (herbal and culinary preparations) as well as how to best stock your kitchen with tools, spices, fats/oils and create a fortifying and resourced fridge and pantry. Learn how to amplify the nutritional benefit of your food by utilizing traditional preparations.


You will receive a thorough plan of care report with notes of our visit and details on your remedies therein. 


Overall, three months integrating plant medicine and other lifestyle changes is a good measure for assessing shifts and the impact of our work together. Scheduling 1-2 follow up sessions thereafter can be helpful for discussing your findings and challenges,  determing if any areas in your life are in need of greater support, and to discern if any additions or adjustments are needed to your nutritional plan and herbal formula. 






Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of these goods + services, we do not offer refunds or returns. If you are unhappy with received product or service, please contact me directly and I will be happy to be in communication for working something out to meet your needs. Instructions for maintaining product integrity are included with package or on label. Please offer 24 hours notice for cancellation of any services. I understand life is inherently dynamic and can be unpredictable. I appreciate your communication as soon as you are aware of needed change.

ground work: holistic nutrition + custom herbal session