2 hour initial session through zoom

with optional discount on follow up visits scheduled at 1 month intervals (30-60 minutes each, discounted 10% if you're a groundwork client)



-holistic health assessment & nutritional/herbal protocol

-written report & email contact as needed

-2 herbal formulas with shipping


Ample time is given ensure space to arrive back to the moment, center our energy, and ensure an easeful departure.

In person sessions may be able to be arranged for those in proximity to CT.

I will follow up by email to arrange scheduling once your booking purchase confirmation is recieved. An intake form will be emailed to you after booking confirmation. Please consider a day + time that allows you energy to receive and complete.


When we are consuming whole foods & working with herbs as part of our diet, we inherently come into alignment with nature, and therefore are in greater reception to our instincts and intuitive knowings. I am a proponent of simple practices, and looking to our environment and ancestry for information as to how to best nourish ourselves. 


This session is an amalgam of my nutritional, herbal, and spirit based offerings. This consultation journey offers space for a creative & holistic appreciation of your story. You may arrive with an acute or chronic health concern, or a general interest in learning how we can invite herbs and foods to intentionally support our vitality and innate healing capacity. Gathering an understanding of what is needed to strengthen your foundation and learning how these allies support that process.


Exploring your timeline, we observe any social, emotional, or physical experiences that are pertinent to your experience. I ask questions to weave together the present imprint of your individual constitution to best align your protocol. I invite your awareness with perceptive techniques such as pulse, tongue, and facial reading, some or all of which may be utilized to further attune to your body's messages. We'll discuss nutrition and approach to food, and learn what herbs match the both the organ systems and energetic/emotional centers that we find are speaking to you.


You will receive a thorough plan of care report with notes of our visit and details on your remedies therein. 


Overall, three months integrating plant medicine and other lifestyle changes is a good measure for assessing shifts and the impact of our work together. Building in follow up sessions create a path for accountability and consistency. At each of these intervals, we will discuss your findings and challenges, dive deeper into areas that need greater support, and determine any additions or adjustments to your nutritional plan and herbal formula if there is a need for shift. Additional herbal or essence blends can be formulated during these consults (+remedy cost not included). These follow ups aim to create space for your unique process to emerge, allowing room to check in with the needs of your physical, emotional, or spiritual body. We will focus