60 minute session by zoom

includes a custom essence formula & shipping

can include body based energywork if local. please contact me to inquire


I will follow up via email to arrange scheduling once confirmation of your booking purchase is received. 


Arrive to these sessions with an intention or vision you'd like to nourish and desire support with. Working with a system of flower essences and vibrational doses of plants, I will collaborate with you to create a potion for your process, to serve the energies and patterns you're looking to cultivate or release. A synergy of merging our mutual intuitive findings, divining, and thoughtful, heart centered inquiry. My listening and shared insight is informed by experience with integrating somatic theory (tuning into the body & feeling/sensation based state, outside of the intellectual mind) as well as relating our emotional/internal and physical landscape to the elements and rhythms of the nature. 


Flower essence therapy and spirit doses of plants offer a way of being with the body, heart and mind that has a specific allyship to guiding times of transition, the beginning and ending of chapters. These formulas can help remind us that we are always able to bring ourselves home, to our center, the most aligned, adaptable, and authentic sense of self by seeing ourselves in the images of the natural world. Essence therapy addresses the current of the moment, like water always flowing, of our ever dynamic expression. It recognizes that we are always capable of shifts and healing. We take time to check in, to look at what we feel is asking for change; we may notice this through sensations in the body or patterns of thought. I look to those areas of friction as a catalyst, an opportunity for alchemy. Considering the past, present, and what we want to move towards, I match the visions and feelings you share with a variety of plant/herb energies. Just as we may address areas of disharmony, they can also be used to channel and amplify a quality or intention. Working with systems of flower essences and herbals in spirit doses help us to differentiate emotion, offering clarity as to how we desire to feel and where we’d like to go. These sessions/conversations are a weaving, a collaboration between you and I; the ritual of these remedies serve as a reminder that we have ample energies around to support us, embodied by these plants, to call back to integrate within ourselves. A center point for illumination & reflection. 






Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of these goods + services, we do not offer refunds or returns. If you are unhappy with received product or service, please contact me directly and I will be happy to be in communication for working something out to meet your needs. Instructions for maintaining product integrity are included with package or on label. Please offer 24 hours notice for cancellation of any services. I understand life is inherently dynamic and can be unpredictable. I appreciate your communication as soon as you are aware of needed change.

spirit care: energy guidance + flower essence