Sunday, January 30th 2022

7-8:30 PM EST

These sessions will be anchored in the evening of the last Sunday of every month. 


Join myself and other like minds & hearts to discuss herbalism, food, and seasonal living, all within the context of fielding Q + A from my community gathered over the weeks prior. Past examples have been questions on supporting the menstrual cycle & fertility, how to get started in the herbal field, nutrition & herbs for the nervous system, gut health, etc. 


Please email me at or submit your questions here.


I will be facilitating and arrive to the circle prepared to offer insights and approachable methods for incorporating various culinary and herbal traditions based on the questions I recieve. 


These inquiries remain anonymous, but conversation and further clarification and discussion is welcomed from all participants (whether you are another practitioner, home herbalist, or person who loves to employ these tools and perspective, all who are respectful of this intimate space are welcome to share their voice). 


This is an exploration in developting a holistic health & skill share model, in believing that our learning is expanded and nourished when together (and those attending may have wisdom to share from experiences of their own, may currently be journeying with the same curiosity, or might find what they learn in circle helpful for themselves of their own community in the future!).


A zoom link for your attendance and any other pertinent information will be emailed to you after confirmation of attendance is recieved. At this time, the intention is to keep these sessions live and unrecorded. 

talk shop: herb circle 1.30.22