Herbal salts are one of my favorite kitchen medicines. They capture the nourishing vibrancy of the season in a method that allows daily and easeful use. This blend is inspired by a hybrid of the Japanese style seasoning salts, gomasio and furikake, both of which feature seaweeds and sesame seed. Furikake has a salty/sweet profile hence the addition of maple sugar (keeping to the bioregional intention). In my foraging apprenticeship in Vermont a few years ago, we would sit in the back of the truck between harvests and eat smoked trout, tinned mackerel or hard boiled eggs wrapped in ramp or garlic mustard leaves, sprinkled with that toasty umami magic. 


I’ve been enjoying this in a similar fashion, on top of my proteins and greens. 


A small pinch will do of this concentrated blend, adjust to your taste but start small. Sea salts of this caliber have a higher salinity than most. 


Ingredients: nettle leaf (Urtica dioca), spruce tip (Picea spp.), ME dulse seaweed (Palmaria palmata), dame’s rocket flower (Hesperis matronalis), field garlic (Allium vinale), toasted sesame seed, celtic grey sea salt.


How to use: a small pinch on food as desired.  Use by 5/2022. Store in a dark cool place or refrigerator to prolong use (quality of herb and oil content of sesame is best kept this way.)


2 ounce amber jar


Required disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All folks (though especially those pregnant or breastfeeding) should consult their medical practitioner before use. Please refer to policies for further info.

terra firma: nutritive salt

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